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Message of the day

Starting a Forex Fund

01.03.2011 10:47, Tuesday

Market conditions have never been better for setting up a forex fund. The number of forex funds and corresponding investors has grown as a result of expanding customer markets.
Therefore, traders interested in starting a forex fund (or managing customer



Message of the day2

The most successful Forex experts reveal their secrets! Do you think you might profit from their knowledge?

31.07.2009 15:30, Friday

Are you fed up with the get rich quick scheme? Of everyone out there promising you hundreds of thousands within a few hours? Of useless systems and robots that are just crap? Are you disillusioned? So... What about learning pure trading wisdom from the be


KBC: NBP’s Glapinski stresses importance of the upcoming inflation report

09.10.2012 11:34 Tuesday

Whereas the forint and the koruna edged lower on Monday, the zloty closed barely changed in sight of the three week high although Adam Glapinski - NBP Monetary Policy Council member - said yesterday he might vote for a rate cut in November if the new infl

KBC: Hungarian optimism supports regional currencies

08.10.2012 11:54 Monday

Hungarian optimism helped the whole region on Friday. The forint gained nearly 1% and also the Czech koruna and the Polish zloty were able to ignore poor performance of emerging markets. The Hungarian government presented a new mix of fiscal austerity mea

KBC: Hungary abandons the project of financial transaction tax. No consensus on FX interventions in the CNB

05.10.2012 11:36 Friday

Hungary should abandon its plan to impose a financial transaction tax on transactions conducted by the central bank. Lower budget revenues should be at least partly offset by the tax on state treasury transactions and cash withdrawals from banks.

EU Market Update: Spain bond yields remain higher following auction results, as traders now look to comments out of Draghi

04.10.2012 12:02 Thursday

KBC: NBP surprises with no change verdict, zloty strengthens

04.10.2012 10:42 Thursday

Asian Market Update: AUD falls below $1.02 on weak retail sales; Polls see Mitt Romney as the victor in first debate

04.10.2012 07:55 Thursday

US Market Update: Focus Shifts to Sept Payrolls

03.10.2012 17:55 Wednesday

EU Market Update: Equities in Italy outperform, amid improving economic data for the country

03.10.2012 12:02 Wednesday

KBC: The NBP ready to reverse its hike in May by today’s cut

03.10.2012 10:47 Wednesday

Asian Market Update: AUD pummeled again after sharp rise in Australia trade deficit

03.10.2012 08:12 Wednesday

US Market Update: Markets Flat As Traders Obsess Over Einhorn

02.10.2012 19:05 Tuesday

EU Market Update: Spanish bonds outperform, as bailout speculation persists

02.10.2012 12:13 Tuesday

KBC: CE currencies barely changed after PMI data. MNB dovish trio says inflation targeting has not been questioned

02.10.2012 11:54 Tuesday

Asian Market Update: RBA surprises with a 25bp cut; Spain rumored to edge toward bailout; BOK pledges more support

02.10.2012 08:18 Tuesday


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1 USD1.1890.0025 Waluty
1 PLN4.46790.0013 Waluty
1 CHF1.08350.0002 Waluty
1 GBP0.891290.00117 Waluty
1 JPY124.190.13 Waluty
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